“Oscar-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky (The Counterfeiters) takes on a difficult and explosive topic - and brings it off with bravour! …The result is a visual and narrative film essay with hidden depths - a terrifying horror film showing the gaping darkness beneath life’s surface. If there are must-see films in the cinema this year, then this radical masterpiece is one of them.” programmkino.de

“An impressive and shocking film about perpetrators, who became the victims of a system, that was radically evil. An intelligent film with a unique stylistic concept and important new insights into the human mind.“ The German Board of Film Evaluation / FBW

“Not a dry textbook study, but a strong and rousing call to the future, because the psychology of perpetrators will remain with us.” Münchner Abendzeitung

“A disturbing, formally innovative film, that doesn’t need witness interviews.” Darmstädter Echo

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