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Christopher Browning

Historian, international acknowledged researcher of the Holocaust, His case study "Ordinary Men" was the main point of reference for "Hitler's Willing Execut-ioners" ( D. J. Goldhagen)

Roy Baumeister

Social psychologist and author of numerous publications (“Evil – Inside Human Violence and Cruelty“).

Benjamin Ferencz

Lawyer, Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials of the Death-Squads, founder of the  “Pace Peace Center“ (NYC).

Robert Jay Lifton

Psychiatrist, one of the founders of „psycho-history“; important work on war criminals, genocides, totalitarianism; author of “The Nazi Doctors“.

Patrick Desbois

Catholic Priest and Holo-caust researcher;  Founder of “Yahad-In-Unum“; author of “Holocaust by Bullets“.

Dave Grossmann

Former professor of psy- chology at the Military Academy in West Point.

His study “On Killing“ is a standard work on the psychology of soldiers in combat.