Psychologists, historians and lawyers help us understand. Among them are Benjamin Ferencz, the Chief Prosecutor in the Nuremberg death-squad trials, Christopher Browning, the author of „Ordinary Men“, Robert Jay Lifton, a forerunner of „psychohistory“ and Pére Patrick Desbois, the indefatigable researcher of „Holocaust by Bullets“ (Shoah par balles) in the Eastern regions of Europe.

They give important impulses and a new perception of one of the darkest chapters of German history. And the warning, that it can always happen again, if we are not careful. An impressive and shocking film about perpetrators, who became the victims of a system, that was radically evil. An intelligent film with a unique stylistic concept and important new insights into the human mind.

(Including excerpts from the press text of the FBW - The German Board of Film Evaluation)

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